KOELSE – documentary movie

“They see value in what we see as only junk”

The documentary is about the consumption of electronic devices in Finland and more widely in the whole western world. Almost nothing gets repaired and no one builds anything themselves. Everything has to be new and we don´t see much value in old things unless they are antique. We buy stuff on the spur of the moment and throw away everything we don´t use much or that is slightly broken. The lifespan of an electronic device from raw material to toxic waste is getting shorter and shorter. While the market is creating new technology at ever accelerating speed a question arises: What should we do with all the old stuff?

The movie tells a story of four young men, who form a group called Association of Experimental Electronics (KOELSE). They gather electronic devices that others throw away and build musical instruments and art installations from this “waste”. Their opinion of music, fun and the culture of consuming differs from the masses. What others see as a worthless piece of junk is valuable technology for them. Their whole idea is based on the idea of reusing this garbage. KOELSE is not really a band, it´s also not really an art community. It´s more like a way of life that relies on working together and using the old technology again.

KOELSE also organizes workshops in which they teach electronics and promote ‘self-build’ and above all, that the value of a thing is not defined by the amount of advertising it gets or how it´s priced in the shop, but that there is also value in the joy of making things yourself.

KOELSE has been performing in Finland and in Europe from small clubs and venues to well respected concert halls. Sometimes they are seen as weird hippies and sometimes as serious artists. They have associates all around the world. Beside the mainstream there lives a whole subculture who sees value in what we see as only junk.

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